Recording Studio - Audio Engineer Los Angeles


Welcome to The Rattle Room, a private professional recording studio located in Burbank, CA.  Home to music producer & sound engineer Jaron Luksa, this studio was designed to serve the most demanding recording professionals and audio production in the music industry.  Better still, we kept The Rattle Room rates accessible to bedroom producers and independent artists looking to step up their sound quality.

Our amazing gear list includes an SSL AWS948 console, which sites at the heart of the music studio, and the ever-awesome Burl Mothership AD/DA converters.  We provide you with the best of digital and analog worlds with the perfect setup, integrated all at the touch of your fingertips.  Add in our punchy medium sized tracking room and anything is possible.

The Rattle Room is wired using only Mogami gold series studio cabling.  We have an impressive collection of microphones for tracking any instrumentation you can throw at us.  Our updated Protools 10/11 HD system, combined with some of our favorite plug-ins, ensure you have all the digital tools you need to get the job done at our state-of-the-art recording studio.  Our top shelf ATC scm25A and additional mini Avantone monitoring systems ensures your ears are working in an accurate environment.

Lastly but most importantly, our outboard gear was hand selected to serve your tracking, mixing and mastering analog signal paths with stellar results.  Like we said, the best of both worlds!!!

So if you’re looking for a top-notch recording studio services in Los Angeles, for anything from songwriting to audio mastering to audio engineering to voiceover please contact us today at (818) 561-4147.

Jaron Luksa engineered this multitrack recording for Foster The People on location.