music production studio los angelesJaron Luksa was looking for a room and recording studio in Los Angeles to satisfy his music production approach and style.  He believes in using Protools, plug-ins and virtual instruments as digital tools to assist, not to dominate the creative process.  Because artists can be limited to the same palette of digital tools, too many records created today sound sonically identical.  Technologic advancements are really cool until they start sucking the art out of making music.  The Rattle Room intends to break off this beaten digital path.

We wanted to create a space that could allow musicians to work their craft and magic, without them having to leverage their car to the bank.  Artists are on their own minimal budgets now, but shouldn’t have to suffer recording “in the box” and miss out on professional recording studio quality.  There’s something special about the interaction between musicians playing in a room that you can’t duplicate using a laptop, virtual instruments and a couple of mic pre’s.  The only problem is, it’s hard to find a recording studio that most of us can afford.  It’s this dilemma that inspired us to conceptualized The Rattle Room in Burbank.

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