Why should you book the The Rattle Room?

  • Our advanced SSL AWS 948 console functions as a traditional large format console or a DAW controller to suite all production styles.
  • We have the perfect collection of standard and new age mic’s, pre’s and insert hardware that engineers demand.  Check out all of our studio gear.
  • The chic and cozy control room has a beautiful sounding, accurate mains system by ATC and JL audio.
  • Friendly and hard working staff to cater to all your production and hospitality needs.
  • Nestled in a quiet commercial area of Burbank, our location offers privacy and a great place to get work done.
  • The studio was designed under guidance of Acoustic Consultant Steven Klein for a great sounding live and control room.

Check out a recent project recorded, mixed and mastered by Jaron Luksa. Andra Day’s version of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” was produced specifically for YouTube and complimented Andra’s release of her Christmas EP.

Let us be a one-stop shop for your recording studio needs.  We provide a multitude of audio engineering services under one roof to simplify the creative process.  This includes tracking, programming, editing, mixing, audio engineering, mastering, video and even voiceover production.  Our vast network of music industry professionals and selection of studio equipment give us the ability to provide such an array of recording studio services.  Please contact us today about your project needs or read more about the following services offered…

Our professional recording studio is located in Burbank, just outside of Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles, CA.  The Rattle Room was designed to serve the most demanding recording studio uses, with accessible rates and killer sounds.

If you’re looking for a top-notch recording studio in Los Angeles for anything from recording to audio mastering, please contact us today at (818) 561-4147.