This final production process of audio mastering ensures an equal listening experience across a variety of playback sources for your material. This stage of processing is also meant to control audible EQ, dynamics, punch, warmth, air, stereo width and overall loudness for your song or record. All of these variables differ from genre to genre and personal taste. You want your audience to be impacted by your sound quality, and appropriate mastering will ensure this happens. Our engineers in Los Angeles have spent a second lifetime listening to and analyzing records from all types of genres and sonic colors. They will appropriately master your material according to your requests and desired tastes.

We use the best compressors and EQ there is to adjust the analog signal appropriately.  Some of our favorite gear to use is our SSL Master Buss Compressor, Sontec 250 EQ and the incredibly transparent Inward Connections TL4-NOS Tube Limiter.  The Rattle Room services in Burbank also employs a huge collection of digital processing software to achieve the best digital audio mastering results possible.  Trust your ears and take a quick listen to some of our Mastered Examples.

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