Why should you book time to mix at The Rattle Room recording studio for audio mixing?

  • Our room in Los Angeles was retrofitted under the guidance of Acoustic Consultant Steven Klein’s Sound Control and sounds amazing for audio mixing!
  • ATC 11oASL mains with a JL Fathom F113 v.2 sub, ATC SCM25A Mid/Near Fields and Avantone Mix Cubes for a truly revealing playback experience.
  • A great collection of studio classic and boutique outboard hardware to help add size, depth and warmth to your mixes.  Check out all of our studio gear list.
  • A fully loaded Burl Mothership AD/DA converter with 24 ins and 32 outs of mastering grade conversion.
  • A Protools HD Native system, with a boatload of awesome plug-ins on a super fast/high DSP rated computer.
  • Last but not least, Our SSL AWS 948 console with flexible signal routing via our bantam tt patchbay at nearly 600 points of connection.

Here is a recent live version of John Legend performing his hit, “All Of Me”, mixed and mastered by Jaron Luksa at The Rattle Room. Watch Now!

Countless hits are mixed on Solid State Logic consoles, so why not treat your songs and clients to the same formula?  These audio mixing consoles are clean sounding, punchy and offer tons of headroom.  It is the most compact and advanced large format console SSL has developed.  Even if you recorded your audio in a bedroom studio, mixing your material on a board of this quality will advance your “in the box” sounds by leaps and bounds.  Load up your session, run it through the Burl Mothership converters and out of the SSL…you’ll notice an immediate improvement in sound quality.

The SSL AWS948 can read, write and edit plug-in parameters within your Protools session because it is not only a super powerful analog mixing desk, but functions as a DAW controller with the push of 1 button.  This makes it fast and easy to read, write or edit Protools session automation and now with SSL’s proprietary Delta plug-in, you can actually control and store the console’s analog automation within your Protools session!!! (What?! brain explodes).  Flip back into analog mode and use SSL EQ, signal routing and running analog automation to finish off the mix.  This hybrid desk increases workflow speed, yet it sounds just like an SSL desk should… amazing!  Watch our demonstration video below to show what we mean (coming soon).

Our audio mixing engineers have been mixing professionally in studio and live settings for over a decade in Los Angeles.  During that time they have mixed every genre under the sun with an impressive client roster and music examples.  Because they are also trained musicians, they can communicate on a musical level with the artist to create an exciting, realistic, textured and radio-ready mix of your song.

Our Owner and Head Engineer, Jaron, has toured the world as a professional live sound engineer and tour manager for major label artists with some of the most demanding conditions that industry can encounter.  This experience of fast-paced “only one shot to get it right” has taught him to mix efficiently, quickly and accurately.  He has adapted these unique skill sets into his audio mixing techniques and services.

Jaron loves playing with textures, colors and sonic characteristics of albums throughout several decades and genres.  He loves mixing bands and high-energy music but also appreciates the finesse needed in mixing more delicate songs.  Check out some of our musical examples and contact us to hear for yourself what professional audio mixing can do for you in Los Angeles.

To learn more about audio mixing, visit Wikipedia.org.

Next, learn about our audio mastering services.