Why should you record at The Rattle Room recording studio?

  • The live room was retro-fitted by owner Jaron Luksa in Los Angeles with help from Acoustic Consultant Steven Klein to create a balanced space that still has character.
  • Nothing beats tracking on a SSL console or select some outboard mic pre’s by Sphere, Universal Audio and Summit Audio.
  • We have an impressive collection of standard or new age microphones and outboard hardware to fit your needs.  Check out all of our studio gear list.
  • Burl AD/DA conversion to make sure your big analog sounds translate to digital state without losing their size or quality.
  • Our studio has a relaxed vibe, with a twist a chic to make any artist comfortable and ready to perform.
  • Located in a quiet corner of Burbank, it’s the perfect space to get work done, void of typical Hollywood distractions.

The Rattle Room’s Jaron Luksa recorded, edited, mixed and mastered this great live acoustic version of “Who Are You”, performed by Fifth Harmony. Listen to the beautiful audio and imagine what we could do for you!

Music recording can be one of the most rewarding yet critically important phases of audio production.  To ensure we capture your best performance, we have packed every square inch of this studio in Los Angeles with killer gear.  You will not get better sounds for the value, anywhere else.  We utilize the best microphones, industry proven and boutique outboard gear and the most modern SSL console to date.  To connect everything, we have wired the entire studio with only the best studio cabling, Mogami studio gold.  Everything was selected to fit any instrumental arrangement you can throw at us.

With our serious lineup of analog gear and microphones that we use to capture amazing sounds, it is vital to ensure the sounds are not degraded when converted to digital audio. This is one of the most important aspects of music recording, and that is why we choose the Burl Mothership as a cornerstone piece in the studio. Hands down it is THE best AD/DA converter on the face of the earth!

Check out the video of us discussing tracking at The Rattle Room in Burbank below. (coming soon)

After impressive gear, the second half of the music recording equation comes from the engineers driving it.  Our in house audio engineers are trained musicians and performers.  They aren’t just trained on how to run audio software, they are true sound engineers in every sense. We love what we do and are dead serious about our jobs, but we try to make your music recording experience as fun and carefree as possible. Our studio staff has been doing this for quite some time and were trained by top engineers and producers in the business.  Not only do we have a great collection in our mic locker, but we actually know how to place and use them!

Head Engineer Jaron enjoys using genre-defining sounds on his professional music recording services in Los Angeles. He loves tracking heavy bands and high-energy music, but with critical ears and artistic sensitivity.  Though, some of his favorite moments in the studio occur when recording delicate instrumental and vocal parts. Preview some of the versatile recorded music examples now, or contact us to learn about some of the other studio services offered at The Rattle Room!

Next, learn more about our mixing services.