Over the history of recorded music production, the role and function of producers has changed quite a bit and continues to morph today.  In the earlier years, a music producer in Los Angeles was more of a suit and tie type, mulling about the recording studios. They would typically be in charge of booking studio time, worrying about record label budgets and union pay sheets; acting more like an accountant or administrator of sorts. As time went on, we started to see producers become more involved in the creation process on a musical level, which included writing songs, charting arrangements, critiquing performances and even playing on the records.

Nowadays, those who specialize in music production come from all kinds of backgrounds and have unique approaches to perform the role of producer. Some of today’s top producers are already accomplished artists, or have backgrounds in DJ’ing, remixing, performing, writing or engineering. Modern music producers have to wear several hats, keeping their fingers on the pulse of their client’s every concern, whether it involves the music or anything that might effect marketing, brand recognition or what’s trending on twitter… #distractions. All joking aside, using a smart and savvy music producer can have a huge positive impact on your recordings and career!

As an accomplished music producer, Jaron Luksa considers himself a “cool-nerd” and is proud of it! His style of music production uses a distinct blend of geeky engineering know-how, hip idea laden song-crafting and performance driven production. The first thing Jaron always asks an artist is, “what is the purpose of this recording?” This lets him know where the artist wants to be on a slide scale of artistic integrity on one end and commercial appeal on the other.

LA Music Producer sound studioJaron has the advantage of sitting back and listening to your music as an unknown audience member. He not only spent a great deal of time digesting record after record, breaking them down by ear, but he also has the intimate experience of mixing live shows and watching thousands of acts next to the stage. He got to tour with artists and watch them perform the same material night after night. Both of these opportunities gave Jaron the distinct ability to accurately analyze a performance across dozens of genres. He accomplishes this with pinpoint accuracy and the ability to easily communicate with players on a musical and emotional level. Ultimately, these opportunities have expanded Jaron’s music production knowledge and experience far beyond that of a normal producer.

No matter if you want to make the heaviest post-hardcore record on earth or the most accessible pop record to date, Jaron will cater his feedback to align your desired sound with your music’s purpose. He really believes in this approach as it has worked out very well for one of his music production heroes, Rick Rubin (Beastie Boys, System Of A Down, Metallica, Johnny Cash, Kayne West, Slayer, Adele, Red Hot Chili Peppers, just to name a few). Jaron will never point at you and say, “play it exactly like this”. He would much rather set you up with some ideas that he thinks are genre appropriate, yet very hip/forward thinking and let you run with them.  It’s really what he hears in his head that makes it a cool or desirable part. And he prides himself on adding his “cool kid” spice to the recipe, but letting it come out of the artist’s writing and performance. It’s a delicate role to play, a muse of sorts, and a music production expert in Los Angeles performs it with grace and no ego.

What about the geeky side of Jaron? It comes from a love affair with science. Not only does he like to use great sounding gear, but he also wants to know how everything works. Jaron spends countless hours, reading, listening, watching and improving his music production method. He applies this left side of his brain to administrate the overall recording process, beginning with songwriting, pre-production, selecting musicians if needed and rehearsals Once ready to track, Jaron guides you through the actual tracking sessions with an organized plan. Lastly your material needs to be mixed and mastered, which he can either engineer himself or oversee that process by third parties.

There is no right or wrong way to handle music production, so you should pick a producer that best fits you! Jaron has the organizational skills to tackle your project and make it a simple process. Yet, his very musical and artistic personality will be the creative spark your project needs to achieve growth and excellence. If you are seeking music production services for your unique sound, please contact us in Los Angeles today to set up a free consultation.

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