Jaron Luksa, Founder/Owner of The Rattle Room, was trained in Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music in Boston MA.  Like our other engineers, he had the fortunate opportunity to learn recording to tape and digital formats on SSL G series consoles. Since then, he has submersed himself in the art of producing artists, song craft, microphone placement, low voltage circuitry, signal flow, working hand in hand with musician’s performances, as well as pushing buttons and twisting knobs.  His career path has even taken him all over the world as a live sound engineer and tour manager for several rock stars.

After working for the past decade in a digitally dominated realm, we started to hear something wrong with a lot of records coming out… They all sounded the same!  Everyone was using similar plug-ins, virtual instruments, samples, loops and drum software.  Where did the soul, fire, character and emotion of the sounds go?  In our laptops… really?

So, how do we go about fixing this situation?  Don’t get us wrong, its unreal what you can accomplish on a computer these days, but we need to integrate these useful tools into the art of capturing musical performance as a recording.  We can now make and release music ourselves; keeping as much ownership as we want and giving our fan base exactly what they want to hear.   The middleman has been pushed aside and no longer has a say in what we create.  But that doesn’t mean we should suffer a lack of creative tools and professional recording studio quality.

We wanted to put together a place that would make killer records for independent artists or pros alike.  We then researched extensively how to build a private professional studio that anyone could realistically afford.  The Rattle Room engineers love working with both signed and independent artists and bands, especially those who know how to lay down an emotional performance.  So, keeping rates as reasonable as possible was second only to audio quality in regards to design consideration.

The Rattle Room is perfectly suited for recording, editing, mixing, mastering, voiceovers and FUN!!!  We want it to be open to serious and dedicated engineers, producers, musicians, songwriters and bands.  Most importantly, we deliver an ideal place for collaboration and creativity to bloom.  We don’t want our studio functioning as a revolving door.  Instead we hope to form long-term relationships with creative and talented clientele.

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